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Lots of Math Card Games

I am so excited about the new pack of card games that I created today!!! It includes the directions for 10 different (somewhat common) math card games. The part that makes it really special is the cards!!

They are so cool!!

Ten different formats 
for the numbers 0-20:
Ten Frames
Tally Marks

Base Ten Blocks
1 More Than.....
Tens and Ones

You can customize your games to suit your needs. Your every whim and wish!! You can combine Dice and Tally Marks to make a game of Go Fish. You can use the numerals and words to make a game of Memory. You can use four different formats to make a game of Slap-It! Really! Whatever you want to do! Great for differentiation! You can even start with the numbers 0-10 and then add in the teens and twenty when you are ready. You don't have to start with all of them.

Be sure to check it!! I know that you want to!!!

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