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The Mom Behind the Blog

Happy Mothers' Day! I hope that you are planning a wonderful day of relaxation and enjoyment with your family!

I've joined up with some awesome blogger moms to show you the "real" mom behind the blog. All of the pictures you see today are the real thing. This is real life.

There is not one of us mothers that are perfect, but sometimes when we get on blogs and social media it can seem like we're not measuring up to what we should be.

I will confess, for a very long time I struggled with trying to be Supermom. I couldn't figure out how all these mothers had it all together and I struggled with even getting supper on the table some days.

Hello, pizza man!

To top off my normal worries about not being "good enough", I went through postpartum depression with more than one of my kiddos. The hard part about postpartum depression, is that it's hard to see that you are going through it until you feel like you're drowning in it.

It was really noticeable after my second daughter was born. But I didn't want to admit it because I was too busy trying to appear perfect.

She cried all the time, wanted to nurse all the time, wanted to be held even more. But I also had a 14 month old at the time. Frustration upon frustration.

Until the day my husband walked across the living room and I snapped. I was so made at him for walking across the living room. Hilarious now, but I the time I was furious.

And the lights switched on!

We worked together through it and soon I was back to my normal self.

Baby #3 was planned and everything went perfectly.

Baby #4 was another story altogether. Not planned. I mean, really not planned. Please don't take that to mean that I don't love my daughter. It just took a lot for me to accept that I was even pregnant.

And then there was the rough, induced (medically necessary) delivery with no pain medications. And the constant crying. And the late nights. And the all-nighters. And the crying. And the not eating solid food. And the not walking. And the not talking.

On top of that we had some significant things happen in our outside-the-home life.

And three years later, I'm finally starting to realize that all the emotions and anger that I had been feeling, might not have actually be my own willful doing. It just sneaks up on you. Three years later, I'm just now starting to get 5-6 hours of sleep a night.

I said all that to say this....we're not perfect.

Mothers are a lot of things, but we're not perfect.

We're flawed.

We love our children so intensely, but sometimes we make the wrong decision.

We try our hardest, to the point of exhaustion, but it seems it's never enough.

We're human.

We're not super heros.

We're moms.

This Mothers' Day, lets drop the masks and let people see who we really are. The beautiful, talented, real mothers that we are.

Our houses aren't pristine. Our laundry isn't always washed and put away. Our dishes aren't always washed and stored in perfectly organized cabinets.

We live according to the priorities in our lives. And for me, one of the highest priorities is the love and care of my children.

Not the constant beautification of my home. Not the gourmet cooking of my meals. Not the perfectly planned and executed play dates.

Just love.

This Mothers' Day, let's be real.

What about you? Are you willing to drop the supermom act and just be you?

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